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Friends of BuJo Rewards

New Friends

Sign up and get one of the following for free!

  • BuJo Cheeseburger
  • BuJo Chicken Sando
  • BuJo Beyond Meat Burger (vegan or veggie)
  • Kiddo Box (beef, chicken or veggie)

Must be redeemed within 30 days of downloading.


Get 2.5% back in credit in your digital wallet on every euro you spend. Momma!


Old Friends

You've been a friend of BuJo for one year now, so time for another one of your favs on the house.

  • BuJo Cheeseburger
  • BuJo Chicken Sando
  • BuJo Beyond Meat Burger (vegan or veggie)
  • Kiddo Box (beef, chicken or veggie)

Must be redeemed with 30 days of your appiversary.

Punch that card!

Get yourself 6 punches and we'll send you a voucher for half price on a large portion of our signature Panko Onion Rings. Tasty!

Triple Bonus Welcome Punches

Biff! Bam! Pow!
Get a head start when you sign up with 3 free punches on your punchcard.



Purchase any 9 items from the following list and get the 10th on us. Yowzers!

  • BuJo Cheeseburger
  • BuJo Chicken Sando
  • BuJo Beyond Meat Burger (vegan or veggie)
  • Kiddo Box (beef, chicken or veggie)


Refer a friend

Refer a friend and when they get their free burger you will receive a €5 Gift Voucher from us!

The max you can earn is €15 (3 friends). Maximum 1 referral voucher (€5) can be used per transaction. Minimum spend of €15 required to redeem 1 referral voucher (€5).
Valid for 30 days
Voucher earned when referred 'Friends Of BuJo' makes a purchase and/or redeems their free item.

Happy Birthday!

It's your birthday, have a free milkshake on us! Chocolate Oreo, Salted Caramel, Strawberry Cheesecake, Vanilla and Kids Shakes.


Become a friend of Bujo

Download our rewards app, sign up and start saving with a free burger, cashback on purchases, birthday milkshakes, every 10th burger free and much more.

Terms and conditions apply

Friends Of BuJo FAQs

What is 'Friends Of BuJo'?

'Friends Of BuJo' is our loyalty programme that allows you to build up credit and earn rewards when you place an order for dine-in or take-out in our restaurants. Just search for the 'Friends Of BuJo' app in your app store where you can register to be one of our VVIP’s!

Key Features:

  • Free Burger upon registering via our ‘Friends Of BuJo’ app.
  • Earn one Burger stamp for every burger purchased.
  • Receive your first 3 stamps for free upon registering.
  • Your Free Burger also earns a stamp!
  • Your 10th burger is free!
  • Earn a 50% discount on certain menu items after your 6th stamp is earned.
  • Earn and redeem credit on all your purchases: 2.5% of every euro spent.
  • Free handspun BuJo Shake birthday treat.
  • Free Burger on your anniversary of joining Friends Of BuJo.
  • Earn up to €15 in Gift Cards when you refer your friends to join Friends Of BuJo.
  • Personalised offers/coupons depending on your purchases.

Is 'Friends Of BuJo' only available through the app?

Yes, that is correct. There is no physical loyalty card.

Is 'Friends Of BuJo' available for in-store order only?

Yes, this is correct - 'Friends Of BuJo' is dedicated solely to purchases made in-person in our restaurants for both dine-in and take-out.

Do I need ID to redeem my gifts, rewards & benefits? Why?

Yes. Unfortunately, some individuals will try to attempt to undermine 'Friends Of BuJo' by creating fake profiles which in turn impacts our ability to offer greater rewards to the 99.9% of our genuine and incredibly sound members. We do have many IT security features built-in to minimise this but the only way is for members to present a valid picture ID required at point of purchase to redeem their reward. There are zero exceptions to this and our team members cannot use discretion.

What forms of ID can I use to redeem my reward?

Your phone with the 'Friends Of BuJo' app is required to redeem any reward/benefit at point of purchase. Tap the QR Code icon on the home screen to have ready to scan. We cannot accept screenshots, printouts or anything else - just your phone with your 'Friends Of BuJo app. We accept the following forms of ID, along with your app, in order to validate your rewards/benefits.

Can I download the app to any phone?

Yes, we've designed the app for both iOS and Android phones. Just go to your app store and download.

How do I register for a 'Friends Of BuJo' account?

Register a new account by downloading the 'Friends Of BuJo' app to your phone and click Register. The 'Friends Of BuJo' app is available for both Apple & Android devices.

As a valid picture ID at point of purchase is required to redeem your rewards, it is important therefore that the name you register with the 'Friends Of BuJo' app is identical to that of your valid ID. Rewards and benefits cannot be redeemed if your registered details do not match your valid ID.

How can I update my details?

You can update your first and last name by selecting the 'person' icon located in the top right of the home screen. Click the 'update' button to change your details. You cannot update your mobile number, your email address or your date of birth once you have registered. Please do remember to ensure the accuracy of each as these may be used to cross-reference against your ID when redeeming your rewards at point of purchase.

I never received my verification code via SMS?

Please re-enter your mobile number again. There is no need to enter the Irish country code, the ‘+’ symbol or spaces. Simply use the standard Irish mobile number which has 10 digits in total and must begin with 08.

How old do I have to be to download and use the 'Friends Of BuJo' app?

You must be at least 16 years old at the time of downloading the app to join "Friends Of BuJo'. Please note that the 'Friends Of BuJo' app is not directed to children under the age of 16.

How does the 'Friends Of BuJo' app work?

The 'Friends Of BuJo' loyalty programme app is easy to use and navigate, as well as giving you some unbeatable offers!
Some of the features you will see on the app are:

  • My Profile: Click your name or the profile logo at the top right of the app to view your profile. You can update your details here, view your ID code and view your activity e.g. previous purchases and transactions.
  • Credit: You earn 2.5 cents towards your credit with every euro spent. You can check your credit balance on the home screen. You can top up this Credit via the app and use it against all purchases made in-store directly with us.
  • Rewards: All your gifts/coupons are now visible under Rewards in the app. This includes your birthday treat, free burgers, and any other special offer. You can see what coupons are on your account and their expiration date, so you’ll never miss an offer.
  • Burger Stamps: This is where you will track your “burgers”. You can track the progress of your 10th free burger. Our system will automatically add a stamp to the punch card every time you purchase a burger. Your 10th burger, (excluding limited editions), is on us and you can redeem this free burger within 30 days of receiving the reward.
  • ID Code: This is the QR code that identifies you in the till system at BuJo. This is what you will scan at the till so we can receive your details.
  • Locations: You can view the map to see which store is closest to you.
  • In app notifications: So you will know what’s new in your account and you will never miss an offer. We recommend you ensure your notifications are turned on so you don’t miss out on gifts, rewards, expiry dates and lots more.
  • Feedback: You can leave us Feedback by filling out our short survey in the app.

How do I collect BuJo credit?

Every time you make a purchase in BuJo, you can scan the ID Code in your app or give your phone number to the BuJo staff member serving you. That way you will be rewarded with 2.5 cent for every euro you spend. This gets transferred to Credit on your account.

How can I spend my BuJo credit and does it expire?

You can build up your credit and redeem it against any purchase in store. All credit earned expires on 31st December every year - make sure you use it!

If I have the BuJo app, do I need a physical card as well?

No, the BuJo app is the only communication tool for the loyalty programme and the easiest way to see all your information. There is no physical card.

Don't forget though, a valid picture ID is required at point of purchase to redeem rewards.

How can I check my balance?

You can check your credit balance on the app via the home screen, or, in store with our team by scanning your ID code/giving your phone number.

How can I receive emails from 'Friends Of BuJo'?

Please update your preferences under "My Profile" in the app to allow Email. Keep an eye on your spam folder too .

What if I order for Click & Collect or from Deliveroo?

Orders placed online for Click & Collect, or, orders placed online with 3rd party delivery/aggregators are not linked to 'Friends Of BuJo', nor can rewards/gifts/credit be redeemed/earned online directly or indirectly.

Why is 'Friends Of BuJo' not available for Click & Collect?

It’s just technically not possible right now according to the IT experts but hopefully will be included in due course.

Where can I see my past transactions?

All of your past purchases and credit transactions can be seen on the app under My History in your profile section. Your transactions are also on your receipt any time you make a purchase and scan your account in store.

Is my mobile payment balance refundable?

No, your mobile balance is non-refundable, non-transferrable and there is no cash back facility.

Are my card details safe?

Yes they are. Card details are processed by a payment processor which is a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). We do not save your credit card details other than the last 4 digits and expiration date which will be saved together along with your name.

Welcome Gift x 4

  • You will receive a free burger for just registering with 'Friends Of BuJo'. Includes standard beef, chicken, plant-based burgers/sandwiches and Kiddo boxes, (excludes Limited Editions), which can be redeemed within 30 days of registration.

  • We will also gift you three free stamps upon registration too. Free burgers/sandwiches do not earn stamps. Free Burgers cannot be redeemed in conjunction with meal deals/combinations and/or other promotions.

Valid picture ID required at point of purchase to redeem.

Punch Card

Every standard beef, chicken, plant-based burger/sandwiches, Kiddo boxes and Limited Editions, equals one burger stamp.

Collect six stamps and you will automatically receive a reward to your app that will entitle you to 50% off a portion of Panko Onion rings within 30 days of receiving your 6th stamp.

When you have earned your 9th stamp you will automatically receive a reward to your app for a Free Burger, (includes standard beef, chicken, plant burgers/sandwiches and Kiddo boxes, (excludes Limited Editions), within 30 days of receiving your 9th stamp.

You can view your punch card in the home screen on the 'Friends Of BuJo' app.

2.5% Cashback on every purchase

You will receive 2.5% back in credit to your 'Friends Of BuJo' digital wallet on all your purchases. This is inclusive of VAT - ie you receive 2.5% of the total amount you actually spend per transaction. Free items/rewards have a zero value therefore there is no credit on these. Discounted items will receive 2.5% credit on the balance that is to be paid.

Refer your friends and earn up to €15

You can refer as many friends as you wish - all of whom will receive the 'Friends Of BuJo' benefits! However, the first three of your friends who redeem their free Welcome Gift burger in one of our locations will trigger an automatic €5 digital gift card to your 'Friends Of BuJo' wallet. Therefore, the maximum benefit to you, the referrer, will be €15. Each €5 digital gift card will be valid for 30 days. Only one gift or reward can be redeemed on one transaction. Eg: If you have both a free burger and a €5 gift card you can only use one on the transaction.

Valid picture ID required at point of purchase to redeem.

Happy Birthday

You will receive a free handspun BuJo milkshake for your birthday via a reward that will be automatically sent to your app. Excludes limited editions and can be redeemed within the month of your birthday. EG: You were born on the 17th March therefore you can redeem your reward any day from March 1st to March 31st.

Your free birthday shake can be redeemed once you have spent a minimum of €7.95 at the time of ordering.

Valid picture ID required at point of purchase to redeem.

Old friends, free burger

On your one year anniversary of being part of the BuJo inner-circle, we will gift you another free burger on us! This will be sent to you via your app. Includes standard beef, chicken, plant-based burgers/sandwiches and Kiddo boxes, (excludes Limited Editions), and can be redeemed within the month that you registered with 'Friends Of BuJo'. EG: You joined 'Friends Of BuJo' on the 17th March 2023 therefore you can redeem your reward any day from March 1st to March 31st 2024.

Valid picture ID required at point of purchase to redeem.