Our Commitment
To Sustainability

BuJo is the only burger restaurant in Ireland and the UK to have achieved a three-star rating from the Sustainable Restaurants Association.

We use eco-concious packaging

The vast majority of our packaging is compostable and along with any leftovers, is used to generate the 100% renewable gas that powers our grills. We also have recyclable packaging, drink cans (infinitely recyclable, yay!) and juice cartons (still recyclable, just not for infinity, boo). And finally the reusable packaging, like glasses and enamel bowls, which providing they don’t get nicked (you know who you are!) last for yonks.

We only use ethically sourced meat & dairy

We only use the meat and dairy with the highest ethical standards. By doing this we can ensure happier animals and better tasting food. In addition it helps preserve the business of farming in Ireland and preserves the environment for future generations to come.

We only use 100% renewable energy

All our electricity is 100% renewable, powered by the wind, what a beautiful concept. As for the gas that powers our grills, we use biomethane, a carbon-neutral renewable gas made from farm and food waste through a process known as anaerobic digestion.

We’re committed to environmentally positive farming

Thankfully we have an amazing organisation in Ireland, Bord Bia that educates, encourages and supports the many amazing Irish food producers, processors and retailers. Their sustainability programme, Origin Green, is the only one in the world which operates at a national level and leads the way to create a better future for all involved.

We care about the planet


Sustainable Restaurant Association

BuJo is the only burger-focussed restaurant in Ireland & the U.K. to achieve a 3 Star rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association, a community of food service businesses, suppliers and discerning diners working together to create a sustainable food service industry.

At BuJo we don’t just make great burgers, we work hard to make great burgers in the most sustainable way possible.